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    Reasons to Call LA Yellow Cab This Holiday Season

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Nothing is better than spending time with loved ones during the holidays. This time of year is filled with magical moments that are best when shared with friends and family. LA Yellow Cab wants to help you and your loved ones celebrate this season by providing safe, convenient transportation for all of your needs, including:

    Picking Up Loved Ones from the Airport

    Are you expecting out-of-town company this holiday season? It is important to make sure someone is available to help your guests find their way to your home. You may not be able to take the time off to pick up friends or family members from the airport, but a taxi service offers the perfect solution! This will also allow you to avoid the stress of navigating to and around the airport.

    Keeping Holiday Shopping a Secret

    It can be difficult to do your holiday shopping when you have to share a car with the family. You either have to tell your loved ones that you are going shopping or hope they do not see your purchases if you all go shopping together. Leave the car at home for the family and call LA Yellow Cab so that you can shop for the holidays in style.

    Letting Everyone Do What They Want

    There are a number of activities and chores to keep family and friends busy during the holiday season. Unfortunately, not all of your loved ones will want to handle the same chores or check out the same activities! Using a taxi service is the best way to ensure that all loved ones can do what they want during their visit.

    Staying Safe during Holiday Parties

    You and your loved ones should be able to have as much fun as possible this holiday season—and drink as much eggnog as you please!—but it is also important to think about safety. A taxi service is a great option for getting to and from holiday parties without worrying about who will drive or how to get around town.

    These are just some of the reasons to use LA Yellow Cab’s taxi service this season. Discover more of our advantages by taking a look at our website or calling us at (310) 817-6823.



    LA Auto Show 2013

    in Los Angeles Events

    Last updated 4 months ago

    LA Auto Show 2013

    It's the LA Auto Show, here in downtown LA - runs from 11/22 til 12/1. Please come see all the new innovations in the automotive industry before it ever hits the streets! Of course, avoid the traffic and parking woes and call Yellow Cab to get you there.

    How to Pack Toiletries in Your Carry-On Bag

    Last updated 4 months ago

    The holiday season is coming up. This means people are getting ready to visit friends and family members around the country. If you will be visiting any out-of-town loved ones this season, make sure you know how and what to pack in order to avoid frustration and confusion at the airport.

    One of the most important steps to take when packing for a trip is preparing your toiletries. If you do not follow TSA regulations regarding liquids and gels, you will not be able to bring your items on the plane and may end up missing your flight or needing to replace most of your toiletries once you arrive. Avoid this frustration by making sure you bring no more than 3.4 ounces of each item. Invest in plane-friendly containers if necessary, and make sure all container tops are secure to keep everything in place during the trip.

    Following these tips can help you experience a smooth walk through the security line. Make sure your trip to the airport is just as smooth by choosing LA Yellow Cab! Discover the reasons to choose our Los Angeles taxi service by calling us today at (310) 817-6823.


    Making the Most of Your Carry-On Luggage

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Checking your luggage can be expensive and stressful, and you never know when a suitcase will get lost in transport. This is why it is always best to stick to carry-on luggage whenever possible! If you are preparing to travel for the holiday season, make sure you can fit everything you need in your carry-on items to avoid the hassle of checking any luggage.

    As you will see in this video, investing in bags and containers can help you keep your belongings organized and make the most of your luggage space. Rolling your clothes takes up less space than folding them. This method also helps prevent wrinkles!

    Once you are packed, you can find airport transportation by contacting LA Yellow Cab. Contact us at (310) 817-6823 for information about our services.

    The Best Cocktail Bars in Los Angeles

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Los Angeles is home to many wonderful attractions, including a variety of cocktail bars and hotspots. Whether you live in Los Angeles or are just visiting, you can make the most of your time here by seeing just what these cocktail bars have to offer. Call a local taxi service to help you explore these popular Los Angeles cocktail bars:


    Experience an inviting beach-like atmosphere while enjoying a variety of tasty drinks at Los Angeles’ Shorebar. Ask your taxi service to bring to you this hotspot to drink, enjoy the DJ’s selection, and dance—if you are feeling brave! Shorebar offers a slightly more upscale atmosphere, featuring a members-only upstairs bar room. Some of the cocktails you will find at this popular spot include A Day in the Canyon, the Jojo, the Raging Bull, Good Vibrations, and Electric Feel.

    Library Bar at The Roosevelt Hotel

    If you plan to visit the famous Roosevelt Hotel during your time in Los Angeles, make sure you check out the hotel’s amazing Library Bar. Filled with leather seating and simple lighting, the Library Bar provides the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing yet engaging night out with friends. Some of the bar’s most popular cocktails include the Kerouac Basilica, Poe’s Reviver, Brecht’s Boulavard, the Violet Beauregard, and Hunter’s Old Fashion.

    Blind Barber

    Order a cocktail while getting a haircut by visiting Los Angeles’ Blind Barber. This unique spot isn’t just a barbershop or a cocktail bar—it’s both! Sit down for your appointment and grab a complimentary beverage like Batman, Smoke & Dagger, Sweeney Ted, or a seasonal cocktail such as the Grey Monk, Velvet Underground, or Coco Chateau.

    LA Yellow Cab can help you experience the best of Los Angeles! Our drivers will take you to and from any local spot, so you won’t have to worry about driving, navigating, or finding a place to park. Give us a call at (310) 817-6823 for information about our Los Angeles taxi services and rates.

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